In this section, users can view a list of all project endpoints along with the number of vulnerabilities identified by each scanner type in each endpoint.


You can click the Related Projects button below the endpoint to see the projects related to each endpoint.

The "/" section on the table signifies the root folder and displays the total number of vulnerabilities regardless of the endpoints.

When a vulnerability is manually associated with an endpoint from the vulnerability details drawer, it can take up to 5 minutes until this table is refreshed, as Kondukto usually updates this table every 5 minutes. If the user wants to see the change immediately, the Sync button in the upper right corner updates the table. You can also export the table in .csv format by clicking the Export button.

SAST and SCA vulnerabilities are automatically associated with related endpoints by Kondukto if the "Source Dir" field in the Endpoints section under Project Settings is filled out by the user, as seen in the example below.