Kondukto Release v1.80 4th December, 2023

Kondukto v1.80 released!

New Features:

  • "Microsoft Defender Cloud" CSPM has been added to "Integrations".
  • "Quick Filters" have been added to the Vulnerabilities page.
  • Users can now select specific dashboard items and modify their Dashboard.
  • Custom Threat Intelligence Databases can now be connected to Kondukto through Kondukto API.
  • No. of vulnerabilities with "Known Exploit" or "Observed In the Wild" are displayed on dashboards.


  • "EPSS" has been added to vulnerability filter items.
  • "EPSS Probability", "Observed In the Wild" and "Known Exploit" fields are now available in all vulnerability tables as separate columns.
  • On The Vulnerability details and the Suppression Requests page, pending Suppression Requests can now be edited and, deleted by the developer role.
  • When scan parameters are being changed, a message now pops out, indicating a possible closure of discovered vulnerabilities.
  • The SBOM page column widths are now adjustable.
  • More informative features have been added for vulnerabilities discovered by CSPM tools.
  • CVE ID links now direct to NVD website for more reliable information.
  • SBOM components are now generated on each scan while SBOM scans still run every 12 hours.
  • Sonarqube scans can now be started by manually typing the project name even if that project does not appear on the drop-down menu populated using the Sonarqube token.
  • AWS Security Hub can now be integrated by automatically using the EC2 instance config rather than entering a secret access key manually on Kondukto.
  • Integrations can now be retested for connectivity without having to retype passwords or tokens.