Kondukto Release v1.79 14th November, 2023

Kondukto v1.79 released!

New Features:

  • Rechecking test connections without needing to enter credentials is now available for active integrations with the "Retest" button.


  • When creating a new scan parameter, if there is already one scan profile for the specified branch, the error message has been improved to "Please change the branch and try again."
  • Developer-level users can now assign issues on issue managers to themselves or their teammates.
  • Gitlab cloud and on-prem integrations are now separated.

Bug Fixes:

  • Import functions of OWASP zap headless and OWASP zap error and OWASP zap headless kdt scan parameters errors have been fixed.
  • When a project is reached from the product menu, the dashboard does not show "default" branches bug is fixed.