Kondukto Release v1.47 Aug 8th, 2022

Kondukto v1.47 released!

New Features

  • Team leads are able to see the Product tab now.
  • When a non-Kondukto user access Kondukto via SSO, an account for the user will be automatically created.
  • Adding screenshots by the manual vulnerability import section is available now.
  • If the ALM is not activated, scanners will fetch previously scanned branches by default.


  • SSO integration has been improved.
  • From now on, inactive SBOMs will be deleted from the database periodically.


  • SBOM filter bug fixed.
  • Security KPI calculation bug fixed.
  • Products page displays all products now.
  • Naming problem on HTTP requests fixed.
  • scan result issue fixed.
  • Adding Checkmarx import bug fixed.
  • Missing solution field on infra vulnerabilities issue fixed.
  • Discrepant vulnerability count on image list issue fixed.
  • Jira project key search function bug fixed.
  • KDT scan command problem fixed.