Kondukto Release v1.48 Aug 25th, 2022

Kondukto v1.48 released!

New Features

  • Vulnerability name filter added as a condition to global security criteria.
  • Business unit filter added to organization dashboard.
  • License filter added to SBOM page.
  • Kondukto vulnerability details link added to issue body.
  • GitHub Enterprise added as ALM.


  • Azure AD SSO integration improved.
  • GitLeaks scanner results are masked on pipelines now.
  • Documentation links on Kondukto are updated.
  • Blackduck and Coverity tools are improved.
  • Seeker integration is improved.
  • Jira issue statement drop-down menu has a search function now.


  • Project update bug when labels or business unit tags are deleted or updated is fixed.
  • Nuclei scanner custom template bug is fixed.
  • Missing IP column in the infra export table issue is fixed.
  • Data retention rules are updated for SBOM result files.
  • SSO default team issue is fixed.
  • Vulnerability import via API issue is fixed.
  • Missing findings on CodeQL and Dependabot scans issue is fixed.
  • ASVS level filter bug is fixed.
  • Fail message is added to the create-user table.
  • Project endpoint page update bug is fixed.