Kondukto Release v1.59 Feb 8th, 2023

Kondukto v1.59 released!

New Features:

  • OSV Scanner integration is now available.
  • Certain configurations made in the config file can now be made on the UI at Automation → Setup → Global Settings.
  • The extended menu can now be pinned.
  • Infra and AppSec sections are separated on the Dashboard page.
  • It can be changed by the admin if users will log in through SSO (Okta, Azure AD, etc.) or as internal user.


  • Issues and Dependabot description format improved for legibility.
  • Added Any of the below option to select all scanners in the Issue Criteria selection.
  • Multiple Jira states can now be mapped with "In Progress" and "Closed" issue states on Kondukto.
  • Type filter added to Risk Accepted actions page. Won't Fix or Mitigated types are now selectable for Risk Accepted actions.
  • Last Seen information added for Recurrent vulnerabilities.
  • The reason why a vulnerability was marked as "closed" on Kondukto is now displayed as a tooltip in Vulnerability Details → Status changes
  • The e-mail report design has been improved.
  • Username option was added for the Issue assignee on Jira.
  • When multiple vulnerabilities are grouped into a single issue on the issue tracker, details of the vulnerability with the closest SLA and highest severity are used on the title of the issue on the issue tracker.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs in the actions of Team Leads have been fixed.
  • Login and Users page bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug where the Issue Responsible remains the team's issue responsible after being deleted from their team.
  • CodeQL and Dependabot scan results bug fixed.
  • The API Key Update bug has been fixed. API Keys can now be changed before the Expiration date.
  • The recurrent indexing of vulnerabilities that occurred before the Issue Assignment system was added bug have been fixed.