Kondukto Release v1.77 24th October, 2023

Kondukto v1.77 released!

New Features:

  • Audit Log service added. System logs now reflect the actions on Kondukto more clearly.
  • The "Does Not Contain" condition can now be added to the filtering sections.


  • The recently added entries in Remediation DB can now be seen.
  • Infra scans can now be implemented under projects. The Infra Profile and Infra Group name of the added scans are created automatically.
  • Branch selection can now be made on the ASVS Page.
  • A Manager can now be selected when creating a Business Unit.
  • On the Failed Scans page, the fail time of the scan is written instead of the scan start time.

Bug Fixes:

  • The suppression Rule was not created if there was an Issue Criteria with the same name bug has been fixed.
  • If there are too many scans in the Calendar, it will cause corruption in the Calendar bug has been fixed. Now, multiple scans appear as a single entry.
  • Imported Infra vulnerabilities could not be closed bug has been fixed.
  • The project fetch problem on Bitbuckets in Stash Mode bug has been fixed.
  • The report format has been improved. It provides separate information for Appsec and Infra.
  • The last scan alert rule did not work for infra scans bug has been fixed.
  • The image tag mismatch bug has been fixed.