Kondukto Release v1.78 9th November, 2023

Kondukto v1.78 released!

New Features:

  • Collaboration tab under Vulnerability details is now available which can be turned on/off on Global settings. With Collaboration, now circulation of the knowledge of who else worked on a similar CWE or CVE IDs in the organization is possible.
  • Trufflehog integration is now available.
  • Wiz integration is now available. Cloud images and VM materials and vulnerabilities can now be managed more interactively.
  • The Cloud Vulnerabilities tab is now available for Projects and Products.
  • GitHub Secret Scan integration is now available.
  • Rapid7 Insight AppSec integration is now available.


  • The performance of Azure Server and Azure Cloud ALM integrations has been improved. Now, Azure Server and Azure Cloud can be used as Issue Manager without activating the ALM side.
  • The Default Jira instance name can now be edited.
  • FQDN information is now available for issue details.
  • The project name field is now added to the SBOM Components page.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Burp Suite Enterprise scan compilation bug has been fixed.
  • Missing fields on vulnerability details bug has been fixed.
  • The issue link field is empty for the Infra vulnerabilities bug has been fixed.