Kondukto Release v1.85 23rd February, 2024

Kondukto v1.85 released!

New Features

  • "Net New Vulnerabilities", "Suppressed Vulnerabilities", and "New Vulnerabilities" charts are now available on the global dashboard.
  • Using "True Positive" toggle on vulnerabilities is now possible.
  • 4me Issue Manager integration is now available.
  • Contrast IAST and Contrast SCA integrations are now available.


  • Severity Minus & Plus labels can now be added to Infra Profiles.
  • Binding project branch selection is now available for SonarQube.
  • Project Manager Page now has a new name, "Asset Manager" with additional filters.
  • The "Namespace" field is now available for "Seeker" vulnerabilities.
  • It is now possible to link vulnerabilities to an existing issue without creating another issue on Jira.
  • It is now possible to delete vulnerabilities, "scanparams", SBOM scans, and components that are discovered on branches deleted on Cloud and On-Prem versions of GitLab, Azure, and Bitbucket.
  • Black Duck and Mend can now be used to generate SBOM and inspect vulnerabilities on SBOM Radar.

Bug Fixes

  • The snippet path for Sonarqube vulnerabilities is now fixed.
  • The ALM link problem on Sonarqube is now fixed.
  • Infra Group Names representation in vulnerabilities bug has been fixed.
  • The metadata UI bug on the Scanners Page for Checkmarx and Snyk has been fixed.
  • The vulnerability filter bug that appears when using the branch filter has been fixed.