Kondukto Release v1.84 25th January, 2024

Kondukto v1.84 released!

New Features

  • Ivanti Heat Software is now available as Ivanti on Issue Managers.
  • New vs. Closed Trend Charts are now available on Project, Product, and Global dashboards.
  • Representation of the highest vulnerability as color for Secrets, Code, Artifact, Test, and Cloud symbols is now available on AppSec vulnerabilities on Project Dashboards.


  • AI recommendations are now available with a code-snippet sharing option.
  • Coverity snippets have been improved.
  • It is now possible to delete related vulnerabilities, "scanparams", SBOM scans, and components by Syncing GitHub ALM of deleted projects branch.
  • It is now possible to import JSON and YAML file types on the Projects Files Page.
  • Kondukto now adds a comment and changes the priority on Jira accordingly after the severity of a vulnerability is changed on Kondukto.

Bug Fixes

  • SecureFlag detail lacks in vulnerabilities bug fixed.
  • Mattermost integration showing duplicate link bug fixed.