Kondukto Release v1.44 June 29th, 2022

Kondukto v1.44.0 released!

New Integrations

  • TFSec integration is added
  • Acunetix360 integration is added

New Features

  • Now it's possible to add scanner selection to issue or notification rules
  • New filters (docker image, FP mark date, issue closed date, issue creation date, issue assignee, manual) can be applied in vulnerability tables
  • Users can mark an issue as Won't Fix or False Positive on Jira to change a state of a vulnerability on Kondukto - Documentation
  • Issue assigning and vulnerability closing is available on Vulnerability DB
  • Creating filters and sorting fields by scan type is possible
  • Add Sub Organization feature released for Lacework integration
  • Business criticality filter is added to dashboard and vulns table
  • Adding product tab to risk score snapshot chart
  • Ability to change the visible columns and order on the vulns table
  • Ability to change the order of charts in the dashboard
  • Showing the number of child duplicates on AppSec duplicates
  • Create user modal added
  • Columns can now be manually changed in vulnerability tables
  • Charts on dashboards can now be moved for a custom view


  • Owasp criteria bug fixed
  • Unhandled exceptions for issue tracker service have been fixed
  • PCI condition on notification issue fixed