Creating alerts on Slack, Email, or other notification tools through Kondukto is possible.


When alerts are enabled at a project level, Kondukto sends alerts about completed and failed scans by default. Users can also create custom rules for more specific cases and set rules both at a global and a project level.

The preset rule created at a global level set as default is automatically applied in all projects. At a global level, separate rules can be created for separate teams so that those rules will be applied in the projects those teams are assigned.

Global preset rules can be used to import presets quickly to projects by clicking on the "Import Global Preset" button in the alerts section under project settings.


If there is a global default preset rule, other rules entered at the project level work alongside that global preset rule, and alerts are sent for all conditions on a project and global level.

It is possible to edit global preset rules imported to projects under projects. However, the changes will be applied only to the project-level rules without affecting rules created at a global level.

For email, a selection can be made to send emails to only team leads in the project or all team members. Independent of the selection or if no choice is made, notifications can be sent to other Kondukto members by selecting from the Additional Email Recipients section.

Custom rules can be created by clicking the "Add Custom Alert" button. Editing and deleting are available in the Actions column for each alert rule.


New alert rules become effective 10 minutes. After the first alert, alerts will be sent on a weekly basis as long as the rule is satisfied.