Scans Page

The Scans page in Kondukto presents a structure composed of five distinct tabs, namely:

  • Queue
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Calendar
  • Imports

In the tables found under the "Queue," "Completed," and "Failed" tabs, eight different scan types can be seen in the Scan Type column, with each type associated with a specific action or event:

  • Scheduled: This scan type is displayed when a scan is scheduled via the User Interface (UI).
  • Rescan: This scan type is indicated when the rescan button is activated in the UI.
  • Validation: This type occurs when Kondukto autonomously initiates a scan as a reaction to an issue closure in the issue manager.
  • Webhook: This is shown when a scan is automatically initiated by Kondukto in response to a certain action (e.g., pull request, merge) in the ALM tool.
  • Import: This scan type is presented when a vulnerability is imported via the UI.
  • KDT: This type is displayed when a scan is initiated via the Kondukto Command Line Interface (CLI), known as KDT.
  • KDT + Import: When a file consisting of vulnerabilities is imported through KDT (Kondukto CLI), the scan type shows as KDT and Import tags together.
  • PR: This type is indicated when a scan is initiated through the KDT, employing the -b (branch to be scanned) and -M (target branch) parameters.

In the top row of the Scans page, a search box is available, which enables users to filter by projects, teams, scanners, scan status, meta data, and branches.


Users can start quick scans in these tables by clicking on the +Start Instant Scan button in the upper right corner and selecting the project and the scanner to be used.