User Permission Matrix

ActionAdminManagerProduct OwnerTeam LeadDeveloperPentester
View Organizational Dashboard✓*✓*✓*✓*
View Business Units in filters under Org. Dashboard✓*
View Projects✓*✓*✓**
Add Projects
Edit Projects✓*
Delete Projects✓*
Scan Projects✓*
View Files in Projects
Import Files to Projects
View Images in Projects
Add Products
Edit Products
Delete Products
View Products
View Projects Under Products
Access Projects Under Products✓*
Add/Remove Business Units to Products
Add/Remove Projects to Products
Add/Remove Teams to Products
Add/Remove Product Owners to Products
View Vulnerabilities✓**
View Duplicate Vulnerabilities
Add Screenshots to Vulnerabilities✓**
Manually Import Vulnerabilities✓**
Close Manually Imported Vulnerabilities
Assign Issues
Mark as False Positive
Mark as Risk Accepted
Change Severity
Leave Comments
View Comments
Request Suppression
Approve Suppression
View SBOM✓*✓*✓*✓*
View Users✓***
Add Users✓***
Edit Users✓***
Delete Users
View Teams
Add Teams
Edit Teams
Delete Teams
Create / Download Reports
Enter Remediation Advice
Add Labels
Edit Labels
Delete Labels
View Logs
View Committer Benchmark✓*✓*✓*
View Automation
View Integrations
Enable Integrations
Edit Integrations
Disable Integrations


✓*: Only shows data related to the projects the person has access to.
✓** : Users with pentester roles can view and take actions only on vulnerabilities they added or imported to Kondukto in projects where they have been assigned as a pentester.
✓***: Team leads can only add/edit developers.