Bitbucket Integration

Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository hosting service owned by Atlassian. Also, Kondukto can work fully integrated with Bitbucket like Jira. In this way, Kondukto can be integrated into the Atlassian ecosystem and work both in the Application Lifecycle Management and the Issue Manager parts.

Username and App Password are sufficient to enable integration.

How to get an App Password

  1. On Bitbucket, click your avatar at the top right corner, and click Personal Settings.

  2. Click App passwords under Access management.

  3. Click Create app password.

  4. Give the app password a name such as Kondukto or whatever you want.

  5. Select Account → Read✅, Projects → Write✅, Repositories → Write✅ scopes as shown below. For Kondukto to run without errors, the permissions must be as follows.

  1. Click Create.



Make sure to copy the token. Once created, the App password cannot be viewed or edited again. If you lose the App Password, you must revoke it and repeat the steps to create a new App password.

  1. Return to Kondukto and complete the integration with credentials.