Github Enterprise Integration

  1. Visit your GitHub Enterprise URL.
  2. Select your Organization > Settings.
  3. From the left-hand menu, pick Developer settings.
  4. In that section, please choose the "New GitHub App" option.
  5. Create your application by giving it a name and Homepage URL.
  6. From the "Repository permissions," you should pick the following ones:
    1. Contents: Read and write,
    2. Issues: Read and write,
    3. Metadata: Read-only,
    4. Pull requests: Read and write.
  7. Save the GitHub App.
  8. After the creation, please click on the Edit button of your GitHub App.

  1. Save your APP ID to use it later on Kondukto.

  1. At the bottom section, create a new private key by clicking "Generate a private key."

  1. Once your private key is created, it'll be automatically downloaded to your default Downloads folder.

  1. Navigate to your Kondukto instance.
  2. Pick Settings from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the "Application Lifecycle Management" section.
  4. Click the Active button on GitHub Enterprise.
  5. Enter the App ID, PEM Key, and URL accordingly.

  1. Click to Test Connection.
  2. If the Test Connection is passed, you'll be able to click the Save button.