SSL Certificate Installation

Self-signed SSL certificates are not secure for use in public-facing websites or applications due to the absence of validation from a trusted third-party organization. This results in web browsers displaying warning messages about potential security risks, leading to user distrust and discouragement from using the site.


To install SSL Certificates, it is necessary to possess both .pem and .key files.

With these files available, the installation process can be completed by following the steps outlined below.

1) Stop Nginx & Kondukto Service

systemctl stop nginx
systemctl stop kondukto

2) Edit the kondukto.conf file with Vim, Nano or etc.

vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/kondukto.conf

3) Change the directories of the .pem and .key files.

Replace the directories of pem and key files, which you can find on lines 47 and 48 of the file, with the directories of your own files.

ssl_certificate {YOUR_PEM_FILE_PATH};
ssl_certificate_key {YOUR_KEY_FILE_PATH};

After editing is complete, you can save and exit.

4) Restart Kondukto and Nginx Service.

systemctl start kondukto
systemctl start nginx